Food Rules for your Next Team Building Event

Julia Child, the chef who ruled television decades before Food Network even debuted, once said that “a party without a cake is just a meeting.” The worst corporate team building events can often feel just like a jazzed up meeting — obligatory, dull, and unimaginative. If a cake can turn a meeting into a party, what can an outstanding meal do for your team building event? We’ve got the dos and don’ts of ordering food for your next team builder in Vancouver.

1. Don’t order hot food

If your team building event is good, no one will be sitting around. How can you when you’re learning Taiko drumming or freestyle dancing? Your menu should be made up of foods with lasting power and can be picked up by your people as the event goes on. Oftentimes the time span of your event can be unpredictable and go over the time allotted (why stop a good time?) and you don’t want your team to show up for food that has gone cold.

For food with staying power, we recommend:

2. Make sure your drinks are appropriate to your event

If you’re ordering food, you’re going to need drinks to go along with it. Consider ordering extra if your team is working up a sweat doing their activity. Providing alcohol can be tricky and depends on the culture of your company and the nature of your event. If your event is at night and isn’t very physical, alcohol can liven it up and add the fun factor. Never forget to take into account people who prefer not to drink and order some great juices. We also recommend choosing drinks that pair well with the food you order. Get Tsingtao if you you’re having Chinese food delivered, or Coronas to go with your burritos.

What we recommend:

3. Go for individual meals and avoid a buffet

Some events might require your team to grab food at varied times and you want to make sure that everyone gets some. How embarrassing is it if you run out of food and have to apologize to the last people in line? Running out of food is the biggest “don’t” of your event, and can be avoided by ordering an individual meal for each person coming instead of platters. If it fits, use a service that has team ordering so your people can choose what they like and all dietary restrictions are accounted for.

Individual meals we like:

  • Sandwiches on freshly baked bread and a side salad from Lost + Found
  • Packed out salads from Culver City Salads
  • Protein boxes from Pequish

4. Don’t forget dessert

Refer back to Julia Child’s advice. You need a cake. Anything sweet to round off the meal will do it. Consider ordering special cupcakes made with your company’s logo on them (they can do that!) or setting up a decadent ice cream sundae bar. Every fun event requires a little indulgence!

Some of the best desserts in Vancouver:

  • Macarons from French Made Baking
  • Ice cream sandwiches (if you’re confident your event will run perfectly on time) from Mister

5. Consult an expert

Whether this is your first time choosing food for a group or you’re an old pro that’s done it a thousand times, a local food expert can provide menu suggestions that transform your event. This is a unique service that Foodee provides to offices all over Vancouver and Burnaby. Your food expert can take the stress out of food ordering and curate the perfect menu specialized for a knock out event.

Who to call: 1-844-8FOODEE or visit to start your online order now

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