How to Promote Your Workshop

How to Promote Your Workshop

So, you’ve figured out what you want to host your workshop on—now you just need to get the word out. If you’re one of those people who wants to run and hide when you hear the words marketing or promotion, stick with us. It’s not as scary—or complicated—as you think.

Promoting your workshop can be a fun process, and great opportunity to get creative. And you don’t need a lot of technical skills either. We’ve included all the steps and tools you need right here to attract the right people to your workshop.

Create an Eye-Catching Listing

Before you do anything else, grab a pen and paper (or pull up a digital document) and write down everything your guests need to know about. Don’t force yourself to get too creative—just list the facts. And don’t forget to include your credentials—they matter.

Once that’s done, brainstorm imagery you could include. Images capture attention quicker than text and make it easy for potential guests to see what they’d be creating. Imagery is also a way to inject personality give people a feeling for what you’re all about. Calm and grounded? Try softer colours. High energy? Go bright. Polished and modern? Stick to neutrals.

From there, it’s time to get specific:

  • Add a Catchy Title: Brainstorm some headlines that bring your workshop to life. Keep it short and sweet, and again, don’t be afraid to add personality. Also keep in mind the type of people you want to attract, and try to speak as you would to them.
  • Consider Price: If this is your first workshop, pricing it might be the scariest part. Your best bet is to consider all the resources you’ll need (including time, space, and materials), then add a buffer in case hidden costs creep in. From there, start surveying friends or anyone who has expressed interest, and ask what they’d be willing to pay. If you’re still unsure, scour the web for similar workshops and follow suit.
  • Use Imagery: Look for 3-5 photos to make your listing come to life. If you don’t have any of your own photos that fit the bill, try a free stock photo site like TheStocks.
  • Fill in the Details: Go back to your fact list, and make sure each one is featured on your listing. While you’ll want to keep text fairly minimal, do make sure there’s enough info for people to know what they’re signing up for. This is your chance to give them lowdown while also managing their expectations. What will they actually walk away with?  
  • Include Contact Details: Make sure you give people a way to get in touch in case they have questions or need help with the signup process.
  • List on Fieldtripp: Once you have those details ready to go, create your listing on Fieldtripp in three easy steps: add your Fieldtripp, confirm your cancellation policy, and—our favourite—get paid.

Get the Word Out

With your listing ready to go, it’s time to shout its awesomeness from the rooftops. One of the best places to turn to for promotion is social media, but also consider good ol’ email. Here’s how to cast your net as wide as possible:

  • Your Own Social Channels: Even if you’ve talked your close friends’ ears off about your workshop, you’d be surprised how many others in your network might be interested. Yes, even those peeps you haven’t talked to since high school—or don’t remember meeting at all. Also keep in mind that your friends might just share your listing with other friends you haven’t met yet. The connection opportunities are endless.
  • Facebook Groups: Search for local Facebook groups that might include people interested in your workshop. For example, if you’re hosting a night photography workshop, try typing in “Vancouver Photo…” and peruse the Groups that come up. Once you’ve found a fit, make a warm (but short) intro, then share your link.
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads: An easy way to target a bigger—and super specific—audience is through Facebook or Instagram ads. If you’re an ad newbie, check out Buffer’s guide to Facebook Ads and Instagram’s ad solutions.
  • Send a Newsletter: While you could send a standard email to your contacts (and if you do, please remember to Bcc), a more effective method is creating a newsletter through a tool like MailChimp. It’s easy to import your mailing list and also gives you insights into who opened your emails, how often, and what they clicked.

Make Signing Up Easy as Pie

This last step is key. Your workshop needs to be incredibly easy to sign up for. We developed Fieldtripp to do exactly that—it lets you create stunning listings that are easily shareable, lets you sort out logistics like cancellation policies, and allows you to accept credit card payment.

Be Responsive

One final word of advice: make sure you get back to people, and do it with love. Be easy to reach, and stay upbeat in emails or phone calls. Being quick to answer questions, and sharing your enthusiasm will be one of the fastest ways to get people signed up.

Ready to host your workshop? With Fieldtripp, you can create a beautiful listing that registers people and takes payments. Plus you get a workshop management tool that will lovingly guide you through the whole process. Create your first listing on Fieldtripp now.  

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