Case Study: ART/SEEN Vancouver

Art is a wonderful thing.

It generates beauty, inspires the soul, and challenges the status quo – but it can be a little obtuse. For those confused by the meaning of art or intimidated to step into a gallery, appreciating the art scene can be limiting. Vancouver local Klara Manhal thinks this shouldn’t be the case. She believes that, with a little guidance, enjoyable and engaging art experiences are available to everyone. It is on this premise that ART/SEEN Vancouver was born.

The Story

Art has the power to inspire our thinking, generate innovation, spark community participation, energize our environments, and transform the places where we live, work and play. Klara Manhal, a Vancouver local loves connecting people to the vibrant spaces and installations that make this city great. Her vision was to ignite people’s passion for art and show that the tools for understanding it are at their disposal.

Approached by the organizers of the Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF), Klara was engaged to help activate VMF’s vision through guided tours that educated the public on the myriad of exciting art of VMF.

The Challenge

Klara wanted to reach an audience that doesn’t traditionally interact with art. She therefore needed additional support in promoting VMF’s first annual event. The overarching goal was to make art as exciting as possible to people with a casual interest.

Klara reached out to Fieldtripp to help her achieve her audacious goal of selling 100 tickets.

The Solution

In an introductory call with her Fieldtripp Account Manager, she determined the price, as well as the amount of people she could accommodate on each tour. Fieldtripp helped her build a beautiful host page as well as beautiful listings for each workshop she wanted to host.


Klara also worked with Fieldtripp to help her build a marketing program to reach her goal of selling out her art tours. This program spanned multiple channels including blog, email and social media.


Fieldtripp posted an interview with Klara on the fieldtripp blog. This blog post exposed the festival to Fieldtripp’s audience of Millennials who value unique experiences, and propagated her vision of VMF’s positive community impact.



Fieldtripp developed an email campaign that trumpeted the city’s biggest celebration of public art. This email was full of content that gave the reader an idea of what to expect from both the mural festival as well as the tours Klara was offering. Klara leveraged this content by sharing it with her and VMF’s respective email lists.


Social Media

Fieldtripp hosted a Facebook Live stream with Klara interviewing an artist furiously at work with his latest mural. This stream was watched by 3,975 people, many of whom were captivated by the work in progress.


Fieldtripp also publicized Klara’s art tours across all their channels including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, putting ad expenditure behind many posts to guarantee maximum exposure. This resulted in over 20,000 Vancouverites being reach via social media, the vast majority becoming aware of VMF for the first time.

The Result

Trying to reach out to an initially neutral audience can be a hard feat but it worked out for the better. Due to Fieldtripp’s direct impact, the result was 88 bookings for the inaugural Vancouver Mural Festival.

After every workshop automatic reminders are sent to Fieldtripp guests along with an incentive to fill out a survey to share their experience.

All guests who completed the survey were incredibly happy with the tour and as a result of the experience that Klara was able to deliver, she is now the sold provider of official Vancouver Mural Festival tours.

Book a workshop to view the 50 permanent murals as a result of this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival here.

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