Jivi Cheema Talks About the Power of Mindfulness

Riding the Winds of Change

Whether you’re the CEO or you’re just starting your way up the corporate ladder, long hours at the office are a daily reality. Pretty soon, you find yourself utterly exhausted. And being a workaholic isn’t exactly healthy.

Jivi Cheema, founder of Winds of Change teaches workshops on mindfulness allowing people to become more present which leads to better relationships, better workflow, and better overall work performance. Read on to learn about Jivi’s passions and what drives her to do the work that she does.
Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a Corporate Consultant with a PhD in Spirituality and Human Behavior and an MBA specializing in Leadership. A Master Facilitator of meetings, workshops and retreats, I can prove results in a highly effective way.  I have been known to be an engaging speaker that captivates audiences with my unconventional views on Leadership and High Performance Teams.
My unique spiritual spin on leadership and team development allows me to navigate different challenges and come up with realistic solutions for common (and not-so-common) problems in the workplace.  

What is the mission of Winds of Change

To create happier, even-minded people that handle their day with grace and ease so that they come home happier and are better contributors to the community as a whole.

Tell us about your upcoming workshop

The workshop is for people that desire to live their lives differently and want some tangible tools that they use in their everyday lives to be more at peace. It’s about learning the relationship you have with yourself through walking a Chakra Labyrinth, a series of meditations, and creating mindfulness jars so that we better understand the impact of the inner emotions and how they play out in our lives. Plus we have tons of fun doing it!

What do you love about teaching others about mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply a tool that helps us gain a sense of freedom and liberation from ourselves. Its helps us take the cloak of resentment, guilt, anger, sadness, disappointment off and a live a life in which we are authentically aligned with ourselves. In this aligned state, where we start to hear the whispers of our soul voice that guides us towards our true self.

What inspires you?

This is what my friend Jana Deluca wrote about me.

Attending Jivi’s mindfulness sessions was a gift on so many levels, from, Jivi sharing her time, thoughts, creative coaching and mentoring. She led us in and around mind sets and produced ideas and questions that gave us answers but had us asking for more! Jivi introduced us to self-care of our mind and spirit, which is the gift we give ourselves. After a couple of these sessions external impact was realized in better understanding of not only my own lenses but to the perspective my clients may have in a situation. I feel more confident approaching and dealing with my clients. An hour with Jivi is simply not enough when she ‘tunes in’ and turns it on. Her gentle inquiries, use of humour and respect make you realize you are in a truly safe place in these sessions. Thank you, Jivi!

Letters like this inspire me because they show that mindfulness makes a profound difference in people’s quality of life!

Jivi’s Sacred Balance Workshop will be on Saturday, August 20th in Victoria

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