We <3 Victoria

A vibrant city nestled into the nook of rugged beauty.

Your streets are filled with heritage as one of the oldest cities in Canada with the second-oldest Chinatown in North America. You pride yourself on being progressive and multicultural, attuned to environmental concerns and supportive of social justice initiatives.

A city of craft beer, big trees, adventure, and an entrepreneurial spirit. DIY is in your DNA.

Which is why we’ve chosen Victoria as our next city to launch Fieldtripp, a platform for people to connect, to experience, and to learn new things. We’re a company that values human experiences over physical stuff and we encourage people to try things they haven’t before, to take time and spend it with those they value most, building memories, collecting moments not things.

We bring together a community of Fieldtripp hosts which include artists, teachers and makers to share their passion through in real life workshops.

Sign up for a fieldtripp and you will come home with something you made yourself along with a deeper understanding of the craft behind it. Whether you are interested in making your own cheese, brewing your own kombucha, knitting your own scarf or learning the art of calligraphy we offer activities vary from writing, painting, crafting, cooking, baking, and everything in between.

And if you have a craft you’re willing to share with our growing community, learn more here about becoming a Fieldtripp host.


The Fieldtripp Team

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