Amanda Hemmaway from iDance Vancouver Talks About the Joy of Dance

If you think you’re too old for dancing, think again!

Founder of iDance Vancouver, Amanda Hemmaway knows that moving to the rhythm can make you happier, smarter, and a lot healthier. Whether young or old, Amanda teaches people from all walks of life embrace the joy of dancing.

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a passionate studio owner and dancer.

I have been dancing most of my life. I started classes when I was 7. Ballet was my first dance class and then it snowballed—I loved it all!

My most recent adventure has been iDance Vancouver—a local drop in dance studio for adults to come and express themselves without talking, get fit, be part of a community, learn something new, live out their dream.

Me. I am dedicated to giving everyone an opportunity to dance, regardless of age, ability or sex. If you wanna move, I want you here!  

What is the mission of iDance Vancouver?

No matter who you are—you can dance!

iDance is dedicated to encouraging everyone to dance in a homely and warm atmosphere.

We offer you a space to come learn without feeling intimidated. iDance wants to continue to create a community where all dancers—no matter what age or skill level—can come do what they love and leave here feeling inspired and rewarded by the experience.

Tell us about some of your workshops

The most popular of our classes is our Feature Friday classes. These are classes that happen on Fridays where we have a guest instructor host a class where there is a new style or a twist on a style that we currently offer. It keeps the studio classes fresh.

Feature Fridays have developed into a really cool attraction for the evening. We often have snacks and beverages beforehand. The instructor of the class comes and hangs out with everyone—creating this awesome connection and vibe before the workshop-class even starts!

How can dance help us in our daily life?

Dance can benefit you in so many wonderful ways. The most common benefit I hear from the iDance peeps is how it changes their mental state. Lots of people who come to the studio work 9-5 jobs, and some are pretty stressful! At the studio, they walk in the door and leave everything they may be feeling at the door.

Who inspires you?

My team, the iDance family of instructors. They are so passionate about what they do—it radiates and translates through the entire studio when they are here. I truly value each one of them. Without their amazing talent, brilliant ideas and overall support—iDance would not be here.

Secondly, is every single person who walks into the studio to take a dance class. Running an adult studio is so inspiring! Adults come to the studio because they want to be here. No one is forcing them. It is so inspiring to not only chat with people about why they love dancing or what their personal reasons for taking class are, but I get to bear witness to it. I get to see the smiles and feel the energy the studio creates!

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