Janet Kimmel Talks About Wellness, Women’s Health, and The Return to Sexy

Hypopressives workshops focus on body parts you may not have given much attention to before with the promise of well-being and better overall health. We interviewed Fieldtripp host, Janet Kimmel to learn more about this amazing tool and what inspired her to start this workshop.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in South Africa and moved to beautiful Vancouver with my husband in 2003. I am a mom of two energetic kids, Jacob and Ella. My passion is people. I was an actress before I entered the fitness industry. I am a foodie and I love long walks, fresh air, honesty, traveling, my family and close friends and of course spreading the truth about women’s fitness and pelvic floor and core function.

What is the purpose behind Hypopressives? Tell us about your intro workshops.

Hypopressives is an amazingly effective tool that gets your anticipatory core, also know as your core 4 to work together as a system. That is one reason why the results are so quick and so good. Hypos reduce diastasis (also known as abdominal separation) prolapse, incontinence, mummy tummy and improves athletic function just to mention a few—you work at optimizing your breathing pattern (an important part of  your core function) and body alignment just to mention two.

My 2-hour workshop is designed to give you a good sense of what Hypos is all about. It is very different from other forms of exercise which makes it hard to explain, but once you feel it in your body, it makes sense. It’s only 2-hour commitment and you get to ask all the questions you might have about Hypos before investing time and money in further courses.

Tell us about your 1-day retreat, The Return of Sexy.

I am very excited about this retreat. Myself and, Leila Johnson, Founder of Folk Ayurveda and yogi to celebrities, designed this day with moms and busy women in mind looking for a one-stop shop, in the city, to get as much pampering of the soul and body as possible in the shortest time. The retreat is all about core, pelvic floor, mindful but effective exercise, yoga, and meditation. Swag and lunch included! Plus some great lunch time pampering treats on offer.

What is your #1 tip wellness tip for your students?

My #1 tip is always that fitness and wellness is about longevity and being kind to your body, heart and soul, preserving what you have and who you are, embracing your uniqueness, aesthetics should be a byproduct of how you care for your body, not the focus. One can workout really hard and punish/hurt your body or  work out really hard and protect and respect your body. It is important to know the difference.

What are you inspired by?

Anyone who dares not to be mainstream. My clients, my family, this beautiful flawed world, all the amazing women in business I know. Life and all its surprises. Nature. All those standing up to be truthful about pelvic floor and core health and dysfunction.

It is not normal to pee when you jump, cough or sneeze, yet more than 40% of women (regardless of age) have this issue and what is so frustrating is that it can be treated. It’s just that women often don’t know this or talk about it—so let’s get the conversation going a little bit more.

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