Rachel Baaske Talks About Emergency Training

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Link2Life is a Vancouver-based company committed to training individuals with emergency training. The thing with emergency skills is that you don’t think you need them… until you do. And though you hopefully won’t ever find yourself in an unlikely emergency situation, it certainly pays to be prepared.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Rachel Baaske and I’m the founder of Link2Life.  I started teaching First Aid and CPR classes 14 years ago when I was a student at UBC paying my way through school as a lifeguard. During school I worked as much as possible and I started teaching first aid independently on the side so that I could make enough money to travel in between semesters.  

My classes were popular and eventually I convinced my mom to give up her living room every other weekend so that I could begin providing regular classes – thanks mom!  I have been busy growing and improving services since 2008 when I decided to dedicate myself full time to this business.  Now we have a small team of the best and most experienced instructors in the business and we have our very own classroom space in Mount Pleasant.  I am passionate about teaching and empowering students with the skills and confidence to take on new possibilities (new job, new parents, new responsibilities).  

What is the mission behind Link2Life?

Link2Life exists to provide emergency training to all citizens in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  Everyone should know CPR and our goal is to make this necessary training as fun and easy as possible.  We are committed to leaving students with the skills and confidence they will need to help people in a life-threatening situation.

Tell us about your Infant & Child CPR workshop  

In this 2-hour non-certification class, we will focus on child and infant CPR and prevention of choking. We discuss additional topics such as child proofing, traveling with infants, interaction with pets and how to do the heimlich maneuver on a pregnant woman. This is a friendly class where we prepare you for emergencies you will hopefully never have to deal with. Guests are welcome to bring their baby as long as they are not yet crawling or walking.

How can this workshop help new or expecting parents?

This workshop is all about the prevention and management of emergencies common to young children and infant patients. It is ideal for expecting parents, parents of young children, child minders, grandparents and anyone who works or lives with children.  You will learn the skills and confidence you need to keep your child safe!

Link2Life Emergency Training is next happening on August 25th at 9:30AM. Admission is $35/person.

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