Fieldtripp Photography Host Tracey Ayton Discusses Her Craft

Chase the daylight to take the best photos!

More tricks await for participants at the Tabletop workshop hosted by Tracey Ayton Photography. In this workshop, you’ll learn a few tricks to get a #flatlay perfect.

Honing your photography skills is always handy—regardless of your mastery level. And Tracey knows how to get the most out of her camera. Let’s see what she has to say and learn more about her craft.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a published interior, food and lifestyle photographer and I live 30 steps from the beach.  I have been a photographer for over 20 years, am married and have a dog named Francesca only we call her Frankie 🙂

What is the inspiration behind your upcoming workshop?

The inspiration behind my workshop is wanting to share our knowledge and expertise with like-minded people. We revel in creating arrangements which conjure the sense of spontaneity and romance found in the garden. We all have been established in our industries and are recognized for what we do.  It’s always good to surround yourself with other creative people as we can all be inspired by each other.  

What can guests expect to come away with?

Guests can come away with an exercise in professional development and creative expressions; we would love for you to join us in this fun and inspiring day, where our intent as leading artists is to push your creative limits, experiment with new mediums of design, and to leave you feeling excited and innovative.

What’s your top photography tip for beautiful photos?

My top photography tip for beautiful photos would be to use daylight when taking a photo.

Who inspires you?

Oh this is a hard one but I think nature inspires me: flowers, textures, colours, spaces. Pinterest is also a great inspiration.

Who inspires you?

Martha Stewart, of course.  I also like The Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten).

Tracey Ayton’s Photography and Floral Styling Workshop is on August 28, at 10AM-5PM. Admission is $495 per person.

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