Michael O’Connor Talks About Basic Astrology

When people say “it’s written in the stars”, they usually talk about destiny.

But the truth is that stars speak so much more than that. Astrology is a practical craft, and Michael O’Connor is here to tell you why.

There is a science to astrology and in this workshop from Sunstar Astrology, you get to dive deep into your sign. It’s a practical skill for self awareness and engaging with different people and activities.

There’s so much more that the stars spell out. Read on below and find out more about Michael O’Connor, Sunstar Astrology, and their upcoming workshops!

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a full-time professional astrologer serving an international clientele and have been so for 18 years.

Tell us about your upcoming workshop

I have been writing a weekly horoscope since 1993 and it is run in several newspapers and websites, including my own. I also write a New and Full Moon Newsletter reaching readers all over the world. My style of astrology is Western and Humanistic, which means person-centered primarily combined with traditional predictive techniques. I am in the completion phases of my first book entitled; What Astrology Can Do For You.

What can guests expect to come away with?

My upcoming workshop is called Fast Track Astrology. I teach participants how to effectively read and follow and Astrology Calendar. This provides a solid and practical foundation as it both stands on its own as a tool that can be used on a daily basis supporting a consistent process of working with the symbols of the signs, planets, and aspects which can be understood as the basic alphabet of astrology. In addition, by observing the cycles of the Moon each month, students learn to actually engage in the processes of astrology generally and can tune into their own very real lunar or monthly bio-rhythm. This knowledge has practical application in terms of when and when not to engage in or initiate certain activities, provides valuable insight into one’s own character and life rhythms, and it provides a solid foundation for future studies in astrology.

How does astrology have an impact on our lives?

Participants will take away from this workshop a working knowledge of astrology both in terms of the recognition of symbols of astrology, the basic alphabet, understanding of the major archetypes or life themes it illustrates and a useable tool with daily, practical application.

People often speak of the ‘influence of the planets’. Actually, the reality of planetary activity in our solar system is more intrinsic than that. Astrology clearly reveals that we live according to a destiny. It does not falsely promise that we can, be and have anything we want; rather it guides us both in terms of our gifts and challenges according to our true nature and the timing of the cycles of our life and thereby to live authentically to actualize true success.

Who inspires you?

I am generally inspired by people who live creative lives according to their authentic nature. Regarding famous, living people, I am inspired by the intelligence vision, courage and dedication of Deepak Chopra, David Suzuki, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Jean Houston, to name a few. In the astrological community Steven Forrest, Alan Oken, Erin Sullivan and Liz Green are some of the more accomplished who I admire.

Michael O’Connor’s Learning Basic Astrology is on August 6 at 10AM-5PM. Admission is $75/person.


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