Get to Know Tiffany C, 5-year-old Fieldtripp fan

Peer into the mind of one of our youngest Fieldtrippers, a five year old with creativity literally oozing out of her fingertips.

What is your name and how old are you?

Tiffany, and I’m 5 years old.

What are you passionate about?

It’s a tossup between chatting and cooking

What Fieldtripp did you go on?

For the Love of Cupcakes and Bake Treats for Your Teacher

Describe your experience.

It was fun, the teacher was caring, we got to be creative. Made new friends and got to talk about fun things we did before. Daddy buys me my favorite kid friendly pretzel to snack on in the car after the class

(Daddy: It was interactional and fun, the teachers and staff are very nurturing, and you’re empowered to be creative.)

If you could teach a Fieldtripp what would it be?

Making friendship bracelets out of rainbow loom without the rainbow loom hooks, I make two types, the double thickness ones and the single ones to give to my favorite people.

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