Community Focus – Curtis Lewchuk Shares His Fieldtripp Experiences

Curtis lives an active life. When he’s not jamming to music, you might find him enjoying nature. But Curtis is no solitary soul. He values connecting with his friends, and sharing his art.

Attending a fieldtripp was a natural fit for him. He got to learn more about local flora. Next, he crafted some beautiful things for his friends. We therefore wanted to catch up with him and find out what he thought about the Fieldtripps he attended.

Who are you?

I am Curtis Lewchuk. I grew up in Saskatchewan, and now find myself on the West Coast.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about plants, the outdoors, art, people.

What Fieldtripp did you go on?

I went on two Fieldtripps. The first was Urban Foraging and Salve Making, which helped me identify and harvest medical plants. The second was Intro to Screenprint. The screenprinting Fieldtripp gave me the chance to make some t-shirts for my pals which they wear with pride. Take a look!

screenprint t-shirt

Describe your experience in 3 sentences:

My Fieldtripps were fun and I learned practical things. It was great to learn skills first hand that I could use right away. There were good people in my classes.

Would you do it again and why?

I would definitely do it again. There are more things I want to learn, and I really just scratched the surface. The format makes it easy to find and register for new Fieldtripps.

Thanks Curtis! Can’t wait till you do it again!

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