Community Focus – Recent Attendee Alice Ko Discusses Her Trip

We’ve been hearing a lot from Fieldtripp hosts recently. For good reason. Hosts are spreading their knowledge, and sharing moments that create lasting memories.

But we got to thinking, what is it like to attend a fieldtripp? Obviously, we’re a little biased since we put our heart and soul into spreading the word about these workshops. So we decided to ask a recent attendee about her thoughts on a recent fieldtripp experience.

Who are you?

I’m Alice aka @kokostiletto on social media. I am a digital marketing and business development consultant through my consultancy, Pivot Six. I also help people get excited about waking up at Love Your Mornings

What are you passionate about?

Mornings, fitness, nutrition, being outdoors, performing arts, personal growth, and always learning new things. I’ve also recently began to explore my spiritual side and I am passionate about quantum physics, sound healing and meditation.

What Fieldtripp did you go on?

Non Dairy Cheese Making with Rooted Nutrition!

Describe your experience in 3 sentences:

Educational. Interactive. Motivating.

Would you do it again?

Absolutely. In fact, I tried to look for more classes from Rooted Nutrition and couldn’t find any at the moment. My fieldtripp was empowering because I realized I can easily make my own non-dairy cheese at home now. This is motivating and powerful because I thought this type of cuisine was complex and could only be made by expertly trained chefs. How amazing is it that we can take whole foods from mother earth and transform them into other delicious healthy foods? Thank you Fieldtripp for this experience!

If you could teach a Fieldtripp what would it be?

Hm. Well people have asked me if I can train them and teach them how to become a morning person.  I’ve always wanted to show people the different kinds of burpees I love. So I’d love teach a Burpee Interval or How To Become A Morning Bird class!


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