Get to Know Fieldtripp Host – Miriam Giordani from Mixed Media Events

Art is inseparable from our nature as human beings. It is an act of self-expression. One Fieldtripp host that is teaching people how to better express themselves through art is Miriam Giordani. She heads Mixed Media Events, a studio that makes the practice of painting more accessible to newcomers.

We asked Miriam Giordani to share her story and to tell us what guests can expect at her Studio Session.

Why do you do what you do?

There is less and less emphasis being placed on the importance and necessity of the arts in the development of our communities and society today than in years past. We are expected to be creative and think outside the box in a society that doesn’t support creative exploration and expression. Our mission is to provide people with the opportunity to express themselves creatively through the arts both as a therapeutic exercise and an exercise in personal development and exploration.   

Tell us about Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions focuses on individual expression and creativity through painting. Rather than telling you what to paint and how to paint it, we encourage you to decide on an image or painting you would like to create and then we help guide you in its development from blank canvas to masterpiece. The goal is for you to feel safe and comfortable expressing your artistic side even if you don’t think you have one.

Our resident artist helps you to achieve what in the beginning you may have thought was unattainable, with guidance, advice and techniques. Our private studio is a safe and encouraging environment where individuals can feel safe stepping into the unknown and somewhat intimidating world of art and self expression and our team is on hand to ensure it is an amazing experience.

We provide all the supplies you need to create your masterpiece, you just need to show up and have fun. There are complimentary finger foods available along with select wine, beers and cocktails for purchase.

What do you love about teaching workshops?

The most rewarding part of our Studio Sessions event is watching our participants evolve into artists. Most start out the night hesitant to make the first brush stroke but soon enough they lose their fear of failure and dive in to the creative process. By the end of the evening everyone has created a painting that is uniquely theirs but it’s the experience and journey of artistic development that is the most rewarding of all.

How can painting help inspire creativity?

It allows us to express our feelings, our thoughts and our emotions through colours and textures. The willingness to surrender yourself to the process and listen to the voice of your inner artist is the acceptance of your creative self. Everyone is an artist, everyone has creativity welling up inside of them, ever since we were children and we were told not to colour outside the lines. Painting doesn’t inspire creativity, painting is simply one outlet we can use to express the voice of our inner artist and self.

What inspires you?

Openness to emotional expression, the willingness to see the beauty around us everyday, a desire to share that beauty with others around you, the acceptance of others for their differences and individuality these are all traits that inspire us.

The next Studio Sessions with Mixed Media Events is on Thursday July 21st.

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