Get to Know Fieldtripp Host – Patrick Lait

We sat down with Patrick Lait from Harkness & Co to find out more about this butcher shop in the heart of Mount Pleasant, dedicated to bringing the finest in choice cuts.

He also hosts workshops that teaches participants how to process and cook the big five farm animals and shares tips on curing and ageing, while indulging in the occasional tipple or three.

Patrick, tell us a bit about yourself.

I enjoy the North Shore trails, running with my dogs.  They’re so effin’ handsome and they keep me grounded. I live on Main Street and I like to smash a hot yoga class after a heavy night of drinking and smoking cigarettes. The yoga studio smells of rum? You’re welcome.

What is Harkness & Co’s mission?

To educate people on issues surrounding food sourcing.  I never joke about that. Except that time i was the vegan butcher. There were lots of jokes then.

What do you love about teaching workshops?

I like meeting people and engaging them. How food is treated is really important to me and if people pause to think about what they’re buying even just for a moment whether they’re at Walmart or Whole Foods, I’ve had a small but meaningful impact in the world.

How does butchering your own meat change the way we eat?

When you come out of the class you realize what it takes to grow an animal and it gives you a connection to what it is that you are eating. Turning whole animals into sausages and steaks is all about getting closer and closer to the source. If it’s in a cellophane wrapped tray at the market you often don’t know where it came from nor what it really is.

What inspires you?

My friends and family. Don’t tell them though. I’m playing it cool right now. Hope this helps.

Hang out with Patrick at one of these upcoming workshops below and gain a deeper connection to the food you eat.

Sausage Making – June 6th & 20th
Poultry Processing – June 8th & 29th
Pork Butchery – June 9th & 16th
Lamb Butchery – June 22nd
Beef Butchery – June 23rd

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