The Art of Italian Pastry: Cannoli & Baba

What’s to love about Italian food? Wrong question.

What’s not to love about Italian food?

We’re talking more than pizza and pasta, dear friends. We’re talking about real authentic, Italian delights!

Make the 13th of June sweeter by attending this fieldtripp on Italian pastries! Join award-winning pastry chef Emiddio Isernia and learn a thing or two about how to make classic Italian pastries, cannoli and baba al rum.

Cannoli meaning ‘little tube’, consists of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta. Baba al rum is a small yeast cake saturated in hard liquor, usually rum and often filled with whipped cream. #holycannoli

In this delicious workshop you will learn how to make these staples of Sicilian cuisine from scratch. You will get to rolling and frying, led by the authentic hands of our Italian chef, finding and learning the technique of the perfect baba dough. You will be taught techniques to make your cannoli and baba al rum as though they were baked in Southern Italy. #mammamia

All you need to bring is an apron and a small container for your take-home pastries!

Sign up for this workshop today and get $10 off if you use the code #myfirstfieldtripp at time of purchase.

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