How to Use Video to Promote Your Fieldtripp

Fieldtripps are experiences that are best captured through action. After all, we’re sharing individual moments. This often means sounds, images, and dynamism. It’s never been easier to use video to attract people to come to your workshop. Here are four platforms you can use and how to make the best of them.

  1. Snapchat
    What makes Snapchat different from all the other platforms is the amount of time you can record and the period of time it exists. Sure, the short 10 seconds of shooting may not fully encapsulate everything that you want to say, but that’s the fun in it too. It leaves a lot to the imagination of the viewers of what you have in store. Not only that, since snaps exist for only 24 hours, you can upload more creative versions of the same message in a series of days without people being fed up because they’ve been seeing it on their timelines or feeds from days on end. The quirky filters make it a party, too.
  2. Facebook video
    Facebook video is where you can have more freedom and arguably more exposure. By the nature of your feed, the more attention that a video gets, the longer it shows up on people’s feeds – which means more exposure for you! Not to mention that you can add it as featured video to your pages. Unlike in Snapchat, you can fully edit your videos and turn it into whatever you like, however long you wish it to be.
  3. Periscope
    Periscope is Twitter’s live streaming service and what it is is pretty straightforward. Periscope allows you to broadcast videos in real time. It sounds a bit problematic but since it’s connected to Twitter, your followers would know when you’re streaming. Plus, your videos are automatically saved to their phone so they’ll be able to see it even after it’s over. What’s important to keep in mind with Periscope is how you can keep your audience engaged. With the uncertainty of the length of the video, you need to capture your audience fast and keep them there.
  4. Blab
    A new platform where you can basically start ‘blabbing’ and random people (outside from who you’ve invited) from all around the globe can view it. I know, it fits their name perfectly. So you can just switch it on, and who knows how many people are willing to listen to you blab. Interesting part about it is that while you’re blabbing and people are viewing you, they can interact with you and their co-viewers through the comments section.
  5. YouTube
    While all these platforms are ephemeral and spontaneous in nature, one should also remember to use the grandaddy of social video. YouTube is still the easiest way to share video across the Internet, and this is because what’s uploaded on YouTube usually stays there (unless it violate copyright). YouTube is great for promoting your Fieldtripp listing since you can embed the video inside of it.

Short videos and live streaming are becoming the new trend. Snapchat, Facebook video, Periscope, Blab, and YouTube have different selling points which you can totally take advantage of depending on the nature of your fieldtripp. Make the most out of these dynamic platforms and see what magic can happen after they click play.

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