How to Promote Your Fieldtripp on Social Media

Promoting your fieldtripp on social media is vital to gaining traction. It helps spread the word about the things that you like to do in ways that reach people. Here are a few tips to help you promote your fieldtripp and get the word out with aplomb and passion.

Tip #1: Leverage your personal connections

Don’t be shy, contact your personal network through Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s a good circle to start with. Your friends will likely be interested in what you’re brewing. Perhaps they’ve got friends who are just as excited about it, too. Best part is – when the moment comes, you’ll have more friends than strangers attending your fieldtripp and sharing their precious time. It’s an opportunity to widen your circle, or revisit relationships which have a lot of potential. Starting with your personal connections is the easiest, most effective way to get your message out.

Tip #2: Connect with key influencers

Find people on social media who might be interested in what you have to offer. Who are the right people on social media for your fieldtripp? They’re the ones who embody what your fieldtripp is for. Whether Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, social networks collect a cluster of like-minded individuals. They’re not all necessarily “famous” so to speak, but they have a tight circle of influence – a group of people who are more likely to support you or know people who will. How do you find these circles of influence?

Important keyword and location searches can be used with fantastic results. Great keywords include “workshop”, “makers”, and “DIY”. Social networks like Twitter also allow you to conduct these searches within a geo-location.

Connecting with people over social media doesn’t have to be tricky nor intimidating. A simple “Hello” or a genuine message will go a long way. If your fieldtripp is something you’re very passionate about, connecting with these people doesn’t have to be hard. All you need to do is find common ground and purpose that brings you together. The people who are right for you exist and they’re almost always cooperative with your goals and visions just as you are to theirs.

Tip # 3: ABC (Always Be Closing)

Lastly, close the loop with every contact you make. Try to connect with everyone who likes, comments, and shares your fieldtripp.

This makes you accessible to people who are too shy to connect with you or those who are second guessing their interest. For the most part, people who engage with you already have one foot in the door. All you need to do is make them feel welcome and assure them that they have a space in these experiences. Your involvement would mean a lot to them and can open a lot of potential for some incredible moments.

One recent example of this was when Fieldtripp saw that Michelle Muldoon was inviting people to her screenwriting contest. We responded with a simple question: “Do you often do these workshops?” This set the ball in motion for a further conversation—resulting in Raindance Vancouver offering their Introduction to Screenwriting fieldtripp.

Social media is a great tool for getting the most out of your fieldtripps. With instantaneous liking, commenting, and sharing, the opportunity for learning and growth is endless. Take these tips to heart and watch your fieldtripps soar.

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