Create a Fieldtripp in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you teach calligraphy, sausage making or Beyonce dance classes, Fieldtripp is a great place for you to promote your workshop. When you promote your activity on Fieldtripp, you join a thriving community of makers, adventurers and curators.

Below is how you can get up and running in a few simple steps.

1. Add your Fieldtripp

The first step is to create a listing for each unique workshop you want to sell on Fieldtripp. There are many details you can add to a listing, but these are the essentials you’ll need for your first listings.


To create a listing, you’ll need photos of the activity you want to sell. Product photos are something you can experiment with and improve upon as you grow. A basic listing should include 3 – 5 photos.

  • Provide one banner image similar to what you use on your Facebook page. This should be an image that best represents your workshop as it will also be used on our homepage.
  • An avatar which can be a photo or a logo
  • Show photos of people enjoying the activity when possible
  • Make sure to show photos of any products that your customers will be able to take home at the end
  • Feel free to include any links to YouTube videos you have related to the workshop
  • If you don’t have any photos, try this site for free stock photography


Next, you’ll give your listing a title. Think like a shopper and use words and phrases that guests might use when searching for your workshop.


Now you’ll answer some questions about what your Fieldtripp is and who is hosting it.

  • Category
    Choosing the right category will help customers find your fieldtripp in search or when browsing category pages. Choose the category that best matches what your activity is.
  • Price
    Putting a price on a workshop can be nerve-racking. First and foremost, your price should account for the cost of your time and any materials that go into providing the workshop. If you’re unsure, try searching for similar items on the internet to see what the average price point is.
  • Description
    Your listing description helps customers understand what you’re selling and what makes it special. Use short, descriptive sentences to describe what guests will learn in your workshop and what they’ll take home with them, whether it’s a physical good, a recipe or tools that will allow them to take home what they learned. Make sure to provide specifics of what’s included as well as what’s not included.

2. Confirm your cancellation policy

Fieldtripp has 3 types of cancellation policies:

  1. Flexible: Full refund 1 day prior to booking, except fees
  2. Moderate: Full refund 5 days prior to booking, except fees
  3. Strict: 50% refund up until 1 week prior to booking, except fees

3. Get Paid

Fees for Fieldtripp are tiered based on number of workshops hosted. For hosts with 3 or more workshops on Fieldtripp, the fee is 10% plus credit card processing fees. For hosts with less than 3 workshops, the fee is 12% plus credit card processing fees.

Fieldtripp transfers payment for workshops the day after the workshop is held to allow for any cancellations.

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