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Hi, we’re Fieldtripp!

We are a lot of things. We are a platform for people to connect, to experience, and to discover new things. But mostly, we’re a company that values human experiences over physical stuff. We encourage people to try things they haven’t before, to take time and spend it with those they value most, building memories, filling their jars with the big rocks first.

How do we accomplish this? We are on the lookout for artists, bakers, team builders, health and fitness experts, those who have a passion for people and a heart for hospitality – those who want to help others learn their craft. We are about doing what you love and sharing the same heart with other people. Gathering like-minded individuals need not be difficult or pricey. In fact, it can make earning income a lot easier & more enjoyable.

How does this involve you? You create a workshop teaching a craft in which you’re a subject matter expert. You choose a title for it, confirm the number of guests you can host, the date & time of the workshop, the location and the price per person. You can also choose the cancellation policy that suits you.

We take care of the payment processing for you so all you have to do is what you do best — share your passion with others.

This is a way for people who share the same interests to come together to hone their craft, or to learn new things along the way. As a host, you get to earn money while doing what you’re absolutely passionate about. As a guest, you get to expand your knowledge with ease.

There is nothing more refreshing and energizing than indulging in something new, in taking yourself out of comfortable waters and throwing yourself into a new experience – however it turns out to be. In the same way, it feeds the soul to connect with people through your craft. It’s a chance to commune, adapt to a new environment, a new skill, any activity that sets your soul on fire – that’s what we are.

If you are interested in becoming a host, apply here. Before you know it, you could be hosting your own events and creating an income doing what you love.

Visit us at fieldtripp.com


The Fieldtripp Team

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