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Andrea“I cook to support and nourish myself, my community and my family.”

Hi, I’m Andrea Potter, a Chef and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

As a farm kid from the prairies, I was lucky to be close to food, and have warm memories of helping out my grandma and my mom, harvesting peas and carrots to shell and freeze, making jam and baking pies by the dozen to freeze for winter. The food was plain, but down­-to­-earth, simple and delicious.

I learned to cook the basics early on and it became my way of supporting my busy family. I picked up a part ­time job as soon as I was able to, working my way up from dishwasher to cook in the local restaurant. I loved the camaraderie working in restaurant kitchens, the endless push for excellence and the drive, but there was something important missing for me. I became exhausted by the long working hours and often poor conditions. As a restaurant cook, I was slinging hundreds of meals out the kitchen to busy servers. Customers became lists of demands printed on a carbon ­copied slip of paper, endlessly chattering out from the printer at each of our work stations.

Around this same time, I was forced to take some time off of work to deal with some health problems. I went to a naturopath, and learned about a ‘whole foods’ approach to eating, slowly guiding my body back to a healthy balance.

Changing my eating changed my entire perspective on life and work. I started doing yoga and looking for another way to be at work so that I could be my authentic self and really follow my path of joyful, healthy living.

Rooted Nutrition was born from the passion that I discovered from connecting with people through food and nutrition, teaching them so that they can better their health, simplify their lives and benefit from the pure joy of cooking and nourishing themselves with beautiful, whole foods.

My cooking classes pair sound nutrition information with whole foods based recipes, prepared beautifully. My students describe my classes as ‘interactive and fun’, which makes me smile, because that is how I know that learning goes the deepest, through learning with all the senses and creating a joyful experience. My classes convey my love of real food, community and culture.

Book one of Andrea’s workshops here:

LEARN TO MAKE KOMBUCHA – Learn the facts vs. myths, how-to-brew and more!

SAUERKRAUT WORKSHOP – This introduction to fermented vegetables is a fun, informative and hands-on workshop.

KIMCHI WORKSHOP – Explore kimchi in this fun, informative and hands-on workshop.

SEASONAL ABUNDANCE – A vegetable-focused, three course cooking class

HEALTHY WEEKNIGHT MEALS – Fuss-free meals for busy people. This cooking class is also a dinner event. We make 3 healthy meals (with tasting on each course).

Andrea Potter
Andrea teaching in her amazing kitchen.

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